Business Development

                 Your Southern Idaho Small Business Lender

 Working for the Counties of Twin Falls, Jerome, Gooding, Blaine, Camas, Lincoln, Cassia, and Minidoka to Provide Lending Resources to Owner-operated small businesses.

We are a non-profit organization that manages loan programs designed to assist owner-occupied businesses minimize the cash requirements to purchase or expand their operations.

We currently operate two funds that assist businesses depending on the size of the loan and the components of the project.

The first is the SBA 504 loan program, which is used for financing fixed-assets for owner-occupied businesses. These businesses can be either existing or start-up businesses, but can include only fixed assets!  This program is used for larger projects that begin at $150,000 in total project costs and go up into the millions of dollars.

The second program is the RIVDA RLF loan program, which was originally funded through a combination of Economic Development Administration grant money and local community funding to spur economic development in our region.  These loans are for projects under $100,000 in total project costs and can include, in addition to fixed assets, inventory and working capital components.

The third program is the RIVDA IRP RLF loan program. The purpose of the IRP program is to alleviate poverty and increase economic activity and employment in rural communities (less than 25,000 population). This program can do RLF loans up to $150,000 (RIVDA portion).

All our programs are driven by job creation and/or job retention by the business (the amount you can borrow is based on a specific lending amount per job created/retained).

All of our programs are also based on a co-lender. In other words, our office will provide funding for up to 40% of a given project with a local lending source (i.e. bank, insurance company, credit union, etc.) providing up to 50% and you, the borrower, providing the balance of the project in either cash or equity in the land.

These programs are the best programs available for you, the small business man or woman, to expand your operations at extremely economical rates and terms while allowing you to conserve your cashflow for the operation of your business!  Check these programs out and see if they could work for you!!