Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)


During the course of each year, the Region IV Development Association completes a thorough assessment of local economic conditions. The resulting Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy or “CEDS” is a road map that directs the activities of the Association.

In our annual plan, we
- Analyze the local economy
- Define Economic Development goals
- Determine project opportunities
- Formulate and implement an Economic Development program that includes systematic efforts to reduce unemployment and increase incomes.

The analysis of economic and community economic development problems includes information on barriers to sustainability and opportunities for growth combined with the latest data and economic forecasts for the region.

With this understanding of the local economic undercurrents, we work on the identification of economic development goals for participating counties and communities.

Then we work on strategies and financing plans for the implementation of specific projects designed to impact the local economy.

Each year local elected officials and interested community members include their ideas and thoughts in our CEDS. This information is gathered through targeted questionnaires and focused meetings that help give a voice to concerns AND dreams.

Want to know what’s going on in the local economy? Want to know what’s on the “Wish-List” for your town? Then click the CEDS link for a look at the latest Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for the eight county area.


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