Region IV Development Association's CEDS for South-central Idaho identifies and seeks to implement specific actions that build a suitable economic ecosystem for community development – by recognizing the interconnectedness of place, infrastructure capacities, access to resources, and long-term sustainability; all while staying true to our regional identity.


Support South-central Idaho in becoming a more thriving, vibrant community by:

  • Creating the environment for thriving industries that are diverse, sustainable, geographically dispersed and globally competitive.
  • Fostering a culture that enables people to lead productive, prosperous, and meaningful lives.
  • Enhancing our communities' unique characteristics, strengths, and assets to improve economic competitiveness.
Three goals were identified to achieve the regional vision. Objectives within each goal were formulated to guide the strategies and actions RIVDA will pursue.


Promote regional economic empowerment (EE)
Objective EE1: Promote Idaho as a hub for commerce through enhanced manufacturing capabilities and transportation options.
Objective EE2: Promote the nurturing of existing industries and assets to strengthen regional uniqueness.
Objective EE3: Create a more cohesive approach to small business support and entrepreneurial growth.


Stimulate Regional Community Prosperity (RCP)
Objective RCP1: Expand and improve community infrastructure.
Objective RCP2: Provide resources for community members to lead productive, prosperous, and meaningful lives.
Objective RCP3: Facilitate community planning efforts in land use.


Develop systems and networks to support workforce attraction, development, and retention (WADR)
Objective WADR1: Ensure a skilled workforce ample to fulfill current and future labor demands.

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