Develop Systems and Networks to Support Workforce Attraction, Development, and Retention (WADR)

RIVDA’s Role: RIVDA will provide coordination services to support collaboration among private industry, regional municipal and county leadership, educational providers, and state agencies to promote development of strategic initiatives.

Key Partners

U of I
Idaho DOL
Business Plus

Possible Funding Sources

Workforce Development Council

Objective WADR1:
Ensure a skilled workforce ample to fulfill current and future labor demands

  1. *Expand food science and food processing research and training offerings in the region.
  2. Connect with regional experts to understand and support the current workforce needs.
  3. Connect industry with on-demand educational opportunities, including trainings and certifications.
  4. Develop a network of entrepreneurial mentors to link education opportunities with innovators.
  5. Maintain diverse training opportunities for incumbent workers, high-school graduates, and upper-division students.
  6. Provide a variety to educational deliver methods and offerings to meet regional needs.
Rinard Media utilized financing options through Region IV Development to revitalize a 100 year old building in downtown Twin Falls. Functionality was improved upon while preserving the historic features, allowing Rinard Media to grow as an organization.
Photo: Bridge at Lions Park in Hailey, ID- a former landfill which used Brownfield funding to remediate the area. Photo by Michele McFarlane

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