Regional Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

A SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning tool that allows organizations to collaboratively identify internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats. The following regional assets and potential hurdles have been identified by community stakeholders as areas which contribute the potential of the region to prosper.


  • Low crime rate
  • Job growth
  • Scenic natural resources
  • Quality education opportunities
  • Low utility rates
  • Numerous opportunity zones
  • Diversity of agriculture production
  • Proximity to several major west coast markets
  • "All Things Food" designation
  • Collaborative attitude


  • RIVDA is “Best Kept Secret”
  • Aging city water/wastewater systems
  • Limited rural healthcare access
  • Lack of affordable housing
  • Reliance on water reservoirs for agriculture production
  • Lack of passenger rail access
  • Underemployment of workforce
  • Absence of job growth career ladders
  • Limited air service connectivity
  • Limited childcare facilities
  • Milk processing capacity
  • Lack of centralized business guidance for dairy innovation
  • Limited public transportation in rural areas


  • Attraction of new companies and industry sectors including secondary suppliers to primary industry cluster.
  • Broadband connectivity has expanded … (more attractive to businesses)
  • Ample resources for renewable energy development
  • Increased federal funding opportunities to promote sustainability and climate resiliency


  • Loss of small business
  • Downtown deterioration
  • Aging and absent infrastructure
  • Supply chain disruption
  • Rising cost of real estate
  • Global pandemic
  • World conflicts
  • Natural disaster (wildfire, drought)

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